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Mooring Installations

The majority of mooring installations we complete are for Marine Harvest fish farms sites.

These range from single point moorings, feed barge and grid installations ranging from 30-70 meters. The company excels in this area, the boat skipper works closely with each fish farm manager to complete installations within a tight timescale. This ensures continued productivity is maintained on site and each installation is tailored to the specific area taking into account weather and tidal factors.

We are keen to hear from other companies interested in contracting our services for  moorings maintenance or cargo transportation.  Please fill out or web enquiry form or contact us direct to discuss your requirements.






If we can help ...

Please let us know if you have any specific marine service requirements not covered in our website and we will do what we can to assist you.

Mallaig Marine Ltd provides a professional high quality support service for Marine Harvest ( Scotland ) Ltd across all areas of our operations. We look forward to continuing our growth with their support.

Arthur Campbell
Moorings Manager
Marine Harvest Scotland Ltd